Monday, November 19, 2012


Just like I told you,
                t'was a 'never miss event'

We were blessed as well as being a blessing to one another....!!
Our guest of honor, Dr. Rehema Nchimbi gave us a grand opening word reminding us on knowing who we really are where we are as Christians, students and citizens of this country, it was super!
Dr. Rehema Nchimbi giving an opening word

We heard the word of God from Pastor Gavin all the way from America. It was about knowing our purpose in life, we all need that for sure!
Pastor  Gerald Ole Nguyaine (from ICC) (left) tranlsating  for Pastor Gavin Walker (right)

Chimwaga was FULL, more than 4000 students from different universities in Dodoma. And different guests from other regions!!
Chimwaga full!!

 Some of the mass choir members just before the event... We were in red...!!!

My life, my love, my all...
I gave it all to the LORD

Jescar representing well the Jsisters ... Escorted with some Friends
Jescar with the MC's  Richard And Aaron
Jescar and her friends ministering with a mega mix song from the Jsisters album

We were taught the word of God, sang, danced 
MC's dancing with the guest of honor and her fellow

and guess what, we had time to laugh with Richard Chidundo.....
Oh how I wish it could be every week or at least every month or once in two months time....!!!
God bless each and everyone who participated in any way to make it possible!!!
Waiting for chapter three and I'm sure it's gonna be awesome....!!! From glory to glory....!!!!

My life (I give), My love (I give), My all.....!!!


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